Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'll Show You Mine....

Thanks Gucci Mama for letting me know that this special day had arrived!

So, incase you can't decipher what this means:
You have to leave a comment,perferably a polite, "You are so awesome" type comment. 
If you don't, you will have bad luck for many,many years. 

Ok. Yeah. So,really, nothing will  happen.  Except, you'll make my day!!


  1. I don't lurk. So I don't know if this qualifies??

    You know I read every post you do... you're in my reader and on my blog sidebar.

  2. I came over after seeing your comment on Ami's blog. Nice to meet you. :) Love your blog-especially your description at the top of the page! :)


Please comment! Even if you just say "HI!".