Thursday, January 7, 2010

The New Year and Boogers

Happy New Year!  Yes, I am perfectly aware that we are 7 days in to the so called New Year. 
But, you see I'm still trying to catch up from Christmas. 

If we could just inserted about, oh say, another week into this month, preferably soon, I'd be ready to roll.

We were off for 2 weeks, from school.  I had high hopes of
  • getting ahead in school
  • getting ahead in cleaning/organizing the house
  • finishing some unfinished projects
  • having some quiet, down time with the kids 
The only thing I can honestly cross of that list is the last one.  And we only had about a day of lazy time.

Now, here it is the first week back into real life and not only do I have regrets about the Christmas holiday but a whole year's full as well.

I have plenty of resolutions. I think most people do.  But, I try to keep them personal.  Yes, I know, sometimes verbalizing resolutions helps you be accountable and such.  The people that matter most know the things I am working on. 
I am trying to keep them simple and slow.  For instance, I want to be healthier.  My first step is to cut out the soda pop.  I drink a lot.  It is diet soda but it's still not good for me.  So, I'm trying to drink more water.  Once I master this new habit, I'll move on to something else. 
Hopefully, by the end of this year, I'll look back and have a whole list of bad habits replaced by new, better habits.

I will end with this conversation I had with my hubby last night.  We were discussing turning the kitchen table around.
Me:  What if we put it this way?
Him:  Uh?
Me:  What if we turn it like this (hand gestures).  No. Then at least 2 of the kids would have to sit up against the wall.  That would bother me.
Him:  Yeah. That would just be making it easier for them to put boogers on the wall.
Me:  Yeah. You're right.  Never mind.

It only hit me later that I wasn't shocked about boogers on the wall. I didn't argue or try to deny the boogers existence.
Does that qualify me as a seasoned parent?  If that doesn't, I don't want to know what would!

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