Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holes in the Head

December is almost over.  Can you hear the sigh of relief in my voice? 

It started with Jayce's 11th birthday.

Followed by Jarrett's Oscar winning performance at the preschool Christmas program

He nailed the opening poem alone.  He was made to perform!

Next came the joint birthday party we had for both Jayce and Josie.  Who's bright idea was it to have 2 kids in the month of December? 

After Jarrett's debut into acting, next up was the church's Christmas program with all 4 kids in it.  Well, there were some other random kids in it too but who was watching them?

Jayce was less than thrilled.  He's really hoping when he hits puberty, his beard won't be so dark.

Finally, Christmas arrived!!  To my kids, it took FOREVER to get here.  To us, it happened over night.

Just one picture.  For now. 

Last, but certainly not least we have Josie's official birthday tomorrow.  She will be 7.  Going on 16. 

Her daddy took her to the mall today.  He got her a special present.  Can you guess what it is?

Here's a hint:  She now has holes in her head!!

There's word on the street that she didn't even flinch when she got her ears pierced.  Funny how when she has a hang nail at night, the whole house hears about it.  But, punch holes in her ear lobes and she loves it. 
Typical girl! 

Happy Birthday to my sweet, beautiful baby girl! 


  1. "Jayce was less than thrilled. He's really hoping when he hits puberty, his beard won't be so dark."


    Your kids are so cute and it looks like you all had a great Christmas. I like the new picture at the top of your blog.

    As a December baby myself, I can tell you it sucks to be one!


  2. Happy Birthday to your little girl. What a month you have had.

    The pics are adorable..how cute are they?

  3. We've got several birthdays/anniversaries in Dec too. So it is a very hectic month! But it looks like Santa was good to you! Happy New Year.
    ps - popped on over from Green Eyed Momster.


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