Monday, December 7, 2009

A HO and a Hum

HO:  Our computer decided to become infected with a gazillion different viruses and is taking sick leave.

Hum: My parents, with wireless internet, live 3 blocks away.

HO:  It is very difficult to do online schooling with the kids without actually being able to get online.
Hum:  See previous Hum.

HO:  It is very difficult to get in the Christmas spirit when we can't even manage to pay our bills.  Where is the money going to come from?

Hum:  Christmas is about way more than cash.

HO:  The medical procedure I was scheduled to have this month was going to cost over $10,000.  Insurance pays 80%, which is awesome, but it still leaves us with a bigger bill than we can handle.

Hum:  It wasn't a life saving procedure.

HO:  The same day I found out we couldn't afford to have this thing done (although not life saving it would have made things MUCH better around here)I was very uspet.  My kids were very concerned because I was crying so hard.

Hum:  When I calmed down and went to the mail box, I received a very pretty necklace and earring set from a dear friend.  That also happens to be my cousin.  My kids were then concerned because I was crying again. They were afraid the men in the white coats were on their way to pick me up.  Then, they would have to make their own dinner.

This is a very busy week for us.  With the computer out, we will have to do school at my parents this week.  That's fun.  Packing up all the books plus toys for the little kids.  Hopefully, we'll be able to hook up the spare we have and it will actually work. 

Jayce's 11th birthday is Wednesday! 
Thursday is Jarrett's preschool Christmas concert.  He has a speaking part! 
Friday I have a party to go to while my husband stays home with Jayce and his friends. 
Saturday we have another birthday party.
Sunday.  Sunday?  I think there's something there too. I should probably check that out. 

Eventually, we need to get a tree.  We like to wait until after Jayce's birthday but it seems things just start going haywire and before you know it, it's the 23rd and we still have no tree.  Maybe THATS what we're doing on Sunday!

I hope you're having a hummer of a day! 


  1. ups and downs and ups and downs... nice to know I'm not the only person riding a roller coaster!!


    Hope things smooth out for you soon.

  2. I don't know what I'd do without my computer.
    I hope Santa brings you a new one.



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