Thursday, December 17, 2009


In a word, that's us. 

These last two weeks have been scrambled.  With a side of hashbrowns.  And orange juice.  (Now I'm hungry)

We've had birthday parties, Christmas concerts, basketball practices, Christmas parties and it just keeps going and going. 

I am desperately trying to keep sane just a few more days.  Then, things slow down and I can (fingers crossed) enjoy some holiday time at home with the kids. 

We've barely done school this week but we're ahead of schedule so we have a litte breathing room.  I plan on being WAY ahead next year so we can take maybe the whole month of December off?  Without the panicy, guilty feeling I'm dealing with now.

I have some pictures to post of Jayce's birthday, Jarrett's concert (in which he nailed the opening "Welcome" poem.  In front of hundreds of people.  By himself.) and some other random pictures. 
I will try to put them up soon.

A friend at church called me the other night and said she wasn't going to come to that night's women's meeting because "things are just so crazy!  I have so much to do".  I told her I understood.  But, then I went through what my schedule included.  Her response "Oh.  I guess everyone's busy this time of year?"

Gee. You think?  Did you think Christmas only happened in your family?  What's the deal? 

I know it's hectic and crazy this time of year.  It's so easy to get caught up in all that "has to be done".  But, truthfully, nothing "HAS" to get done.  Enjoy your family/friends.  Give thanks.  Be joyful. 

Jeven recently announced that he wanted a "green straw" for Christmas.  Christmas is simple to a child.  They are easy to please.  When we put up our tree and it was all cock-eyed and the lights weren't working, the kids exclaimed "It's the prettiest tree ever!"

I am trying to take their cue and let Christmas be simple and find joy in the cock-eyed things. 
(Please don't let some pervert google cocke-eyed and find my blog.  Please.)

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  1. It's amazing what a perv will google and end up on my blog... you will probably find that as you go on, too.

    Green straw. How adorable!

    I decided this year that we're missing the simple joy in Christmas. We're all adults living here now. The kids are looking forward to their grandparents visiting, but we don't even have our tree up yet.

    Not only do I just feel blah, but it's extra to ask them to do... they're doing so much for me already.


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