Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Sweeties

Sometimes, my kids surprise me.  In the good kind of surprise way.

We probably eat fast food a little less than the average family. As a treat.  After all, we are a family of six.  Even the dollar menu at McDonalds adds up really fast. 

Today I ended up doing errands during lunch time.  I figured I had 2 choices:  1)make the kids (and myself) starve until we got home or 2) stop and get something to eat.  And eat.  In. The. Restaurant. 

I hope I don't have to explain why eating inside a fast food joint, with only myself and my 4 children should bring on the ominous music.  The potential for sirens and people running out of the building is very great. 

I do the "evil eye stare" and the "YOU WILL BE GOOD OR ELSE" chat before we go in. 
I sit them down at a table ( that only took 2 minutes to pick out), go order the food, get the drinks, get the food.  While my kids sat at the table with Jayce. 

We sat and ate.  The kids were pretty good really.  Kinda obnoxious, I thought, but weren't overly annoying. 

As we sat there eating, an older couple walked across the room and said "You have such a sweet family!". 
I said "Thank you!"

Josie said "I like your necklace!"

Jarrett said "I like it too!  Merry Christmas!" 

Jayce said "Thanks."

Jeven said "ROAAAAARRRRRRR!!!"  while showing off his muscles and grinding his teeth. 

Yup.  Those are my sweeties.


  1. Love the roar. LOL

    They sound like wonderful kids.

  2. I love getting compliments on my kids. Makes it all worth while.



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