Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Josie Birthday Interview

December 30th marked Josie Lynn's 8th birthday.  She's growing up so fast, this momma can't keep up. Josie is a wonderfully sweet, funny and unpredictable little girl.

Mom:  Josie, what is different about being 8?

Josie:  I only feel different. I look the same.

Mom:  What do you want to be when you're a grown-up?

Josie:  I want to be an artist.

Mom:  Why?

Josie: Because I'm good at painting. 

Mom:  Do you like having 4 brothers?

Josie:  NO! 

Mom:  You answered that fast!

Josie: Did you put exclamation marks after my answer? 

Mom:  Yes.  Why don't you like your brothers?

Josie:  They're annoying.  And, weird. 

Mom:  You don't think you're ever annoying. Or weird?

Josie:  NO!  Make sure you get exclamation marks on that answer too. 

Mom: Ok, moving on. What is your favorite movie?

Josie:  The Barbie movie Grammie got me. 

Mom:  Favorite food that mom makes for you?

Josie:  Mac and cheese with hotdogs. 

Mom:  Yeah, that is gourmet. What is one thing you hope to do this year, while you're 8?

Josie:  Go to Disneyland again. 

Mom:  You may need to think of something else...

Josie:  Go camping?  Yeah, I'd like to go camping again. And, pack all my clothes this time. 

Mom:  Josie, I love you!

Josie:  (silly smile) I love you too!    

Not that great of a picture of the birthday girl, but I think she's still beautiful! (Jeven can't wait to eat some cake!)

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  1. Awww, Happy Birthday to your big 8 year old! Natalie just turned 8 the end of November, and is it just me, or does 8 suddenly seem really close to - say - 13?! Especially when it comes to the random emotional breakdowns. Seriously. But what I love about this age? She's finally getting old enough that actual conversations work better than other discipline (most of the time - when she's not an emotional wreck - so... some of the time).

    Anyway, love that you do interviews for their birthdays! I might have to start that! :)


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