Monday, January 31, 2011

Bullett Points of Excuses

  • Behind in home schooling. The month of December kicked our butts. Yes, I know we are almost into February. 
  • I've discovered Netflix Instant watch. I found my favorite books in a t.v. series:  James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small.  First time I read this book, I was in 6th grade and my teacher, Mr. Larsen, encouraged me to not only finish the book (at that time, it was the longest book I'd ever attempted to read) but read the entire series. Which I have, many times. To find the book as a t.v. series really made my day. So, every free moment I have, I'm watching it. 
  •  I had an IUD put in in December, to supposedly help with my heavy bleeding every month. TMI? Too bad.  Since then, I have pretty much bled non-stop. My doctor said this could continue for up to 3 months then, hopefully, things will taper off. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because the non-stop bleeding is making me T.I.R.E.D
  • My face looks like a meth user's face. I have broke out in more zits than I ever accumulated during all my teen years. The sad thing is, I have zits on top of wrinkles. So not fair. 
  • I also have pink eye. At least, I think it's pink eye. Believe me, with 4 kids, I have experience with it. I have a pink eye, the gunk that makes it impossible to open my eye in the morning. But, I also have pain on the entire side of my face and my eye is more RED than pink.  
  • The last 3 bullet points are not excuses for not blogging, but more of a ploy to get some sympathy. Did it work?


  1. Aww, yes it worked! Sympathy is being sent from me!

    I have never heard if using an IUD to stop heavy bleeding. Thank GOD I stopped having periods or I would have needed surgery. I gave enough blood to the cause.

    Pink eye sucks. Wrinkles and zit suck individually but together? Damn!

  2. Poor thing. I need to do the same thing and show it to my husband so he knows why I'm such a slacker lately ;) I totally have the acne and wrinkle combo, it's so not fair! I hope you start feeling better and the bleeding stops, that must be horrible. You definitely have my sympathy!

  3. You crack me up! Okay, first of all I think I know that guy - that "teacher" you're talking about... ;)

    Second of all - YIKES! I would definitely hire a housekeeper (I heard it's not near as expensive as one might think - although I have yet to do it myself) because obviously you've got way too much going on to have to deal with trivial things like cooking and cleaning... And zits on wrinkles? Poor girl!!! You DEFINITELY earned sympathy points for that one!

    Hang in there... I heard it does get better after a couple of months. ;)

  4. Wait until you have lots of little mustache hairs.
    That's always fun.

    You have a lot going on. I hope things smooth out for you soon.

    And I think the Christmas pic at the top is the best one yet.

    Great looking kids.

  5. I agree with Ami. Best picture ever! :)

    And I can sympathize. I'm so glad I had my hysterectomy the beginning of December. I can't get over how much more energy I have as a result! Hope something tapers off for you soon.


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