Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't Jinx It

I must whisper. Not speak too loud. I don't want the forces that be to hear me and ruin my good fortune.

So far (as of day 2) this school year is way better than last year.

Shhhhh!!! Don't jinx it.

With one little boy gone until 11:30 and the other until 3:00, we are getting the home school done by 1:30 and it's been awesome.
Josie has a lot of writing this year, which she gets tired of very quickly, but she's powering through.

Yes. I know. Day 2. But, let me have this dream, allright?  3 weeks from now, when I writing in yelling type, instead of whispering type, you can all rub it in my faces about how naive I was. But, until then, hush.

How bout some pictures?

Josie, 3rd grade 

Jayce, 7th grade    
Jeven, Kindergarten

Jeven and Jarrett, 1st grade


  1. But... you may have found your groove. It's definitely okay to dream. :)

    Great pics.

  2. EVERY day that all survive is an accomplishment! Rejoice!


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