Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The End of Something Great

The end of summer is upon us.  And, although this summer was almost non-existent, in the cooler weather and lack of fun pack days, I am sad to see it go.

I will miss the cool evenings where I got a little stress relief by blasting my heathens children with the garden hose.

I will miss the lazy mornings of sleeping in and feeding my kids a late breakfast/early lunch so as to minimize the amount of food preparation for the day.  Which is actually ironic as I am finding my 4 children are actually bottomless pits of food consumers. They are ALWAYS hungry. 

I am not ready for the non-stop rain that we always get here in the Northwest. Everyone enjoys ( I think) a rainy day of laying on the couch, watching some t.v. But, by day 34, I'm done. Hmmm...maybe I should get off the couch?

I do enjoy lighting candles and baking and scrapbooking and sewing, which are all things that seem better fit for the fall, don't ya think? I am looking forward to those things.

The end of having "little ones" at home is upon me as well. My youngest will be going to school tomorrow and riding the bus home 3 hours later. My second to youngest will be going to school and not coming home for 6 hours!  It's hard to imagine my "babies" being away from me, having a life that doesn't include me. They are beginning down a path that is no doubt going to lead them to growing up and becoming teenagers and eventually adults. I wish people would have warned me about this!

What are you looking forward to at this changing of the seasons?


  1. I hope they all have a blast... are you not homeschooling any of them now?

  2. Ami, my older two are home with me. I guess I didn't word that very well--just that I don't have anyone under the age of 8 with me at home, during the days anymore. Kinda sad. But, alas, they must grow up. Right?

  3. Yeah, and it's not always sad that they grow up. My adult children are pretty amazing and I think they're wonderful people.

    I love it when people consider the individual child and what educational methods will work best for that person.

  4. I am looking forard to the fall leaves.

    Endless raking and cutting back all the plants so everything is clean for spring.

    Oh. And MY BIRTHDAY!

    (It's a week long extravaganza)

  5. I am looking forward to November! Ian is set to be home for almost 6 months. That will be the longest time he will have home in 2 and a half years..

    Oh, and I am looking forward to not melting every time I leave my house...


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