Friday, April 27, 2012

I Don't Wanna!!

Do you ever have months weeks days where you just don't want to do it? And by "it" I mean everything.

Days where you want to stomp your feet and take a cue from your small child and holler "I don't wanna!"? 

Days where you know your life is blessed and many people have it worse than you?But yet you don't care? You want to take this day and throw your own pity party and you're keeping your fingers crossed nobody else shows up because you can't handle anybody's else stuff anyhow? 

Days where, even though you do love them, but your children are on your last nerve? And, even though you do love him, your husband is chipping away at your sanity as well? 

Days where you want to holler at the universe "Enough! Leave me alone!"? 


I am having one of those months weeks days.


  1. I am SO THERE With you.

    Someone asked me at work today if I was OK. And I said all I wanted to do was go in, do my job and go home.

    Unfortunately right now that is not an option.

    Then I wanted to come home, be taken to dinner to celebrate what I have worked 9 years for at work coming to fruition.

    That wasn't an option either because of running children all over the neighborhood.

    I wanted to finish my niece's communion dress so my sister would stop freaking out.

    Nope. Not that either.

    Finish the recycling center in the garage so I can put the sun room together? Nope. Finish hanging the pictures on the walls? No. Make dinner? Nope.

    Honestly, I just want to go to bed.

    For the next 3 days.

    So, yeah. I'm right there with you.

  2. I remember feeling that way, too, when I was in my late 30's, maybe early 40's. I wanted to STOP all the responsibility! While I loved my kids and hubby, I wanted to just be left alone and let someone else make the decisions. Of course that never happened and I have gotten over that time in my life. Who knows? Maybe it is just a normal part of our hormone cycle, but damn, I was just not happy there for a while! Good luck and hopefully it will pass soon!


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