Monday, April 23, 2012

Well, Well, Well....

Me? I've been well. Not great but not bad, either.

Things have been happening but nothing extraordinary. Shall I catch you up?  Allrighty....

A few months ago, an Urgent Care Clinic was built about 2 blocks from our house. I knew, when I saw it, that I should go in and ask for a frequent buyer's punch card. 
Sure enough, Jarrett fought a hard battle with the floor. The floor won. No stitches, just glue and a terrible black eye .( What is really pathetic? When I was going through pictures on my computer, trying to find this picture, I found about 5 more of previous black eyes. Sigh...)

Feeling the need for some beach, we loaded the kids up and headed West. I am ever thankful that the ocean is a mere two hour drive, as it does my soul so well.
Although, this trip wasn't the best--poor weather, hide tides, etc--we all had fun. And, no broken bones this time, thankyouverymuch (Karey!)

First time taking the puppy to the beach. While he loved it, there's nothing quite like the smell of wet puppy. And that mere two hour drive? Well. It's hard to believe they haven't made that in to an air freshener.

Josie is number 37. I know, it's not the best picture but are you aware it's impossible to watch a soccer game and cheer AND take pictures?  Well, it is!   This is her 3rd year playing and she just keeps getting better and better. And, what baffles me every time she plays a game, she IMMEDIATELY does EXACTLY what her coach tells her to do (that is not the coach, in the picture, with the clipboard. That is the coach's daughter).  I want to hire him to be her life coach.

This is what happens when 1) kids eat on the couch and stuff falls under cushions 2) you take off cushions to vacuum. 3) puppy smell delicious 3 day old fruit snacks and various crumbs. 

And, last but certainly not least, you may remember James, my itty bitty tiny nephew born 10 weeks early, weighing 3 pounds. I finally got to visit him, three months later. And hold him and love on him. And he is doing so well!  He weighs over 9 pounds now, which is still tiny but is triple his birth weight, and is just perfect.

Life is going well. Very well indeed.


  1. You blogged!

    Love the soccer pic because of all the different socks the kids are wearing. :)

    The beach looks fun, I love it when I get a reflection off wet sand. One of the best pictures I ever took was my hubby and daughter with a wet sand reflection.

    And snickering at the puppy, er, pony? Buried in the couch. ::Snort::

    And what a beautiful baby boy.

    Well indeed!

    1. I love all the girls' fun socks, too! I've been trying to get Josie some but I don't really feel right shellin' out $20 for socks.

      On the beach, I tried to get a picture of my hubby walking with the kids, thinking it would make a great Father's Day gift, but nobody was still enough! ( :

  2. I have to admit, when I saw the black eye my first thought was, "Their trip wasn't injury free! Now I feel TERRIBLE!" but I see that it was at home, so it's not really my fault (right?). :)

    LOVE the pic of the dog in the couch - classic.

    And the tiny baby? He's gotten so much bigger! Reminds me so much of Natalie growing (slowly) and how exciting it was for her to get to her due date and eventually a "normal" birthweight. Praise God for that sweet baby boy's health (and he's ADORABLE!!!).

  3. I love when people haven't been around for good reasons. :) And no worries, scars are like tattoos but with better stories.


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