Friday, October 26, 2012

An Update IS Coming...

Lots to say, no time nor energy to say it. But, I do have a post sitting in the draft column. Hopefully get to it  this weekend. Fingers crossed! 

In the mean time: 

Luther still thinks he is a lap dog.

Jarrett, 2nd grade

Jeven, 1st grade

Great Grandpa, My husband, Future Freezer Meat, Jayce, Kenny (longtime hunting partner)

Coming soon: The Booger Wall, and, The Uni-brow, stories. With titles like that, how can you stay away?!


  1. I can not stay away. I will sit here and wait...

    ... and wait... and wait.

    I'm sure it will be EPIC. :)

    1. Uh-oh. Maybe I should scratch the draft and start afresh as I'm afraid I won't live up to your expectations. And, please tell me you at least brought snacks to enjoy while you wait? (:

  2. The dog on the lap photo is really funny. I told you that you should have named him Pony. I was right.


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