Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't Laugh...

....I'm going to attempt to post every day in November.( Karey, you just spit out your coffee, didn't you?)

Actually, I'm making November "my" month. I'm starting my New Years Resolutions early. Changing some things, adding some new habits, new ways of thinking, of acting. 

You see, I went to the doctor yesterday. Had to have something "checked out"* and I was once again reminded of rather serious health issues that I have managed to ignore but yet, I'm not so sure I can ignore them much longer, without serious lasting effects. 

So, it's gonna be about "me" now. I say "me" because as a mom,and a wife, it will never only be about me.  Nor would I want it to be. But, I do deserve a spot, closer to the top, on my list of priorities. 

And since I'm making "me" a priority and I do enjoy blogging, I want to do it more.

And if I state my goal for all to see, maybe I will feel accountable and actually follow through. 

**I went in to have 2 moles checked. One came out of nowhere, the other I've had for awhile.  My doctor said "Well, they look benign. You see, as we get older, we get these spots..."
He stopped talking after he took one look at my stricken face and just left it at that.
I'm glad it's not cancer but not so happy about the age spots. **


  1. You're committed now, Lady! :) (And I'm stoked!)

    I'm so glad your "young" age spots are nothing to worry about. I had a scare in high school with skin stuff (it was pre-cancerous) but they got it all out/pff. Scary stuff - glad you're good to go! :/

    1. I probably should be committed, that's a fact! ( :


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