Sunday, September 22, 2013

Falling In Line

Did you hear that? That huge **sigh**?  That was me.  Sighing with relief that the cooler weather, routines and Sunday afternoons watching football have returned. 

Spring has always been my favorite season but, I do think Fall is coming close behind.

Jarrett and Jeven returned to elementary school, in 3rd and 2nd grades. Jeven has a teacher that we know well and have been very happy with. Jarrett actually has two teachers as they job share but they've been there for a long time and I've heard great things about both of them.

Still trying to figure out why Jeven states, often, that he "hates school" and get to the bottom of that. His teacher and I are communicating back and forth and so far, no huge alarms are going off. I honestly think he just wants to stay home and be lazy. Who doesn't, right?

Jayce is a freshman in the online school and doing very well. He is in 2 honors classes, Literature and Geometry. We both were a little nervous as I have NO TEACHER'S MATERIALS so really no way (other than my natural geniusness. Wha?? That's not a word? Should be.) to help him or check things before he turns them in. You know, kinda like High School. Anyways, he has an "A" in each course with the exception of an 89.9% in Literature. We'll take it!!

Josie started 5th grade, in the online school as well. And, she's doing pretty well, too. She is doing much more on her own and not needing me right beside her with every. single. worksheet/lesson. Which is good as Pinning dishes, laundry, and cooking do not do themselves.

The "evil lady" is still at my work. And, while I've accepted it and have learned to cope, it's still a challenge, to say the least. But, her health has deteriorated, even more so than previously, so I'm not sure how her story will end.

I leave for work, 4 days a week, approximately 3 min. before the little boys get off the school bus. It's difficult, as I see them for a few min. in the morning then not again until the next morning. But, we're getting into a groove.  I do have Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays off. While Wednesdays and Sundays are packed full with church activities, Saturdays are basically our "free" days. And while I try to cram as much free/chore/fun/relax/nap time into one weekend, and take advantage of being with the kids, because I miss them so during the week, by the time 7:30 comes around Sunday evening, I'm wiped.
Just because my kids aren't toddlers nor in diapers anymore doesn't mean they can't exhaust me to the ground!

As I'm typing, the kids are in bed, the dishes are done, packpacks (what we call backpacks) are, well, packed, laundry is neatly folded at least out of the dryer and in a communal basket. I have a Pumpkin Spice wax warmer going and I'm just ....content. 

For some reason, with the entrance of Fall, I just feel like things have fallen in line 

Although, I'm no fool. I know the reality of raining, cold days will start to drive me slightly insane and also make the kids stir crazy and the holidays are fast approaching and my cloud of Pumpking Spice will soon give me a headache, I'm gonna bask in contentment for awhile M'kay? 

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