Friday, June 12, 2009

Blood Sucking Babies

Josie's mind works in strange ways. I have given up long ago trying to figure it out. I just go with it. It does no good to argue.

Last week, when I came home with a bandage on my arm from my blood draw, she asked what it was for. I told her the doctor needed to take out some blood. By the end of the day, I had a huge bruise and she felt very sorry for me. She has told friends and strangers all about how the doctor took my blood.

Today, when my SIL was here, Josie told her about the blood doctor. My SIL said "Well, your mom has had 4 babies, she's used to getting her blood taken." Now, I know and you know, that she was referring to all the testing that goes on when you're pregnant.

My daughter's mind works differently.

Several hours after this conversation, Josie and I were walking through the grocery store. There was a mom with a tiny newborn. I pointed the baby out to Josie and said "Sometimes, I wish we had another baby."

Josie said: "NO!!! It will suck all your blood out!!!"

Darn blood sucking babies....


  1. Too cute! I always felt like mine were sucking my brains out when I was nursing them. LOL!!
    Thanks for you comment. It's a strange world isn't it?


  2. She's not exactly WRONG, is she??? Funny I wrote a post very recently about MY littlest 'blood-sucking' baby!

    So glad to have found your blog, I always love reading about other families just like ours!


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