Friday, June 26, 2009

Irritating Little Things

  • Buying huge bottle of liquid laundry soap to save money only to have it make huge mess
  • Spending $20 on Happy Meals for all the children in order to get stupid toy that would cost about 50 cents at the store
  • Finally deciding to make brownies despite the fact that I'd have to turn on the oven, making our already sweltering house even hotter, only to find I am out of eggs.
  • Having your 4 yr. old poop his pants because coming inside "takes too long and I do it everyday!"
  • Taking a shower and finding no soap.
  • 3 yr. old (that out weighs the 4 yr. old) wanting to be carried everywhere
  • Braving the powers that be and taking all children to Wal-mart only to find they are out of 3/5 of your list.
  • People that complain about stupid stuff when in reality they are very blessed to have 4 children and be able to stay home with them.


  1. Priceless: "takes too long and I do it everyday!"

  2. I hear Ya I complain about it but wouldnt change if for anything. We will miss those annoying little things later... well maybe not the poop but everything else!!!

  3. I hate sprawlmart with every fiber of my being, but sometimes I'm forced to go there.

    You're going to be so happy that you wrote all this stuff down when your kids get old like mine.



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