Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Jarrett can ride his bike, with the training wheels on, super fast. So, Judd had the bright idea to take off the training wheels. I had the even brighter idea of not telling Jarrett we were taking the training wheels off. Genius, no?

Yeah. No.

(sorry about the side ways thing, I don't know how to fix it)

After about 10 times of this, Jarrett finally had enough. He got off the ground, and YELLED at his father "QUIT PUSHING ME OFF MY BIKE!!"

He still didn't know that his training wheels were off. He thought Judd was pushing him off just for the fun of it. Poor guy.

The training wheels went back on.

Another proud parenting idea shot down.


  1. I miss those days. I really wish my older kids weren't old enough to drive. Well, Oldest Daughter will have her permit in 6 months but it's too close for comfort. Hope you little guy is having fun on his bike!


  2. Try it again! That's exactly how I learned to ride my bike 214 years ago!


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