Sunday, June 28, 2009

False Advertising

We were watching t.v. tonight as a family (Wipeout!) and a commercial for this came on. Go on. Go look. It's worth it, I swear. I'll wait.

Ok. Now, in this commercial it shows 2 adorable little girls in equally adorable nighties putting their toothbrushes under this dispenser and happily brushing their teeth. And presumably going to bed without crying, begging and other antics. You can just tell, these girls would NEVER do those things.

At this point my husband and I were cracking up. One of the "selling points" for this item is that your kids would no longer leave toothpaste globs all over the bathroom counter. Mounting the tube on the wall eliminates this problem.
1)Yes, you would no longer have toothpaste on the counter because it would be running down the wall and on the floor.
2) What makes anyone think that a child would only press the button once?
3) On only a toothbrush?
4) Who has the time to dress their kids in matching nighties?

Scene at our house:
Me: Time to go to bed. Go brush your teeth.
Kids: whine. whine. whine.
Me: Looks like your shirts are somewhat clean, wear those.
Kids: cry. cry. cry.
Me: Have you seen Jarrett's toothbrush? Oh wait. Here it is. Under the cat.
Jarrett: Yeah, I pet the cat with it.
Me: Maybe you can use a different toothbrush tonight.

I don't understand why they didn't ask us to be in their commercial?


  1. It amazes me how many things are designed by people who have never met a kid.

    At the school where I work, we have soap dispensers on the walls. They dispense a foaming soap. The rule is 2 or 3 squirts into your hand.

    Then I guess it's unlimited squirts onto the floor, because it always looks like a snowdrift under there.

    Matching nightgowns. ::snort::

  2. My kids think that toothpaste dispenser is cool but I know it would just be more work in the long run.

    Great post! Our bedtime here is less eventful. I miss having little ones around.



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