Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Little Diddy For Ya

Well, a Scotsman clad in kilt left the bar one evening fair
And one could tell by how he walked that he'd drunk more than his share
He fumbled round til he could no longer keep his feet
Then stumbled off into the grass to sleep beside the street.

Bout that time two young and lovely girls just happened by,
And one says to the other with a twinkle in her eye
You see yon sleeping Scotsman so strong and handsome built
I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath their kilt.

They crept up to the sleeping Scotsman quiet as could be
Then lifted up his kilt about an inch so they could see
And there behold for them to view beneath his Scottish skirt
Was nothing more than God had graced him with upon his birth

They marveled for a moment then one said we'd best be gone
But let's leave a present for our friend before we move along
As a gift they left a blue silk ribbon tied it in a bow
Around the bonnie star the Scot's kilt did lift and show

The Scotsman woke to nature's call and stumbled towards the trees
Behind a bush he lifts his kilt and gawks at what he sees
In a startled voice he says to what's before his eyes
"Ah! Lad I don't know where you've been but I see you won first

1 comment:

  1. lol!!

    Here's a riddle for you.

    Q. How many birds can fit under a Scotsman's kilt?
    A. Depends on the length of the perch.


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