Monday, July 20, 2009


Awhile back I posted how we had lost our 10 yr. old bull dog,Daisy.
She is survived by the other non-human members of our household.
There is Dewalt and Daffy.

A newly married, young, bearded dragon couple, expecting their first hatchlings any day now.
We also have 3 leopard geckos that sadly do not have names. Poor things.

Daisy is also survived by her dearest and bestest non-human friend, Hayley. Our 9 yr. old cat.

And when I say they were close, I mean close. When Hayley was a kitten, she would attempt to nurse off of the dog. And the dog would not only allow it but gladly gave herself to the job.

In the mornings, when Daisy was half asleep and attempting to stand up in the front yard and do her morning "job", Hayley would come out of no where and pounce on her.
The dog was the first one to be greeted when Hayley entered the house. They often slept together.

The funny thing about this cat is this: we've had at least 4 other cats in this house. But they don't survive. We live next to a very busy road. Lots of semi- trucks all day. Seems every time we let the new kitty outside for any length of time (over night), it's not very long until the kitty is no more.

We have our own little theory. And it's kinda sick. So prepare yourself. Think like a cat.

Hayley and "new kitty" sitting by the side of the road.
Hayley: Ok, when I say go, you run as fast as you can across the road.
New Kitty: Ok.
Hayley: Here comes a semi. Wait for it. Wait for it...
New Kitty: It sure is getting close!
Hayley: Wait for it. Wait for it. Ok! NOW!!!
New Kitty:(Now in kitty heaven) What the..??

Hayley never supported us bringing new cats into our home. We've finally given up.

Anyways, as you can see from the above conversation, Hayley is kinda bad ass. She's not much of a "cuddler" or never was one to need any of us. The dog was really the only one she showed any love to. She'd come in, eat, lay around perhaps on our bed for a bit, then out she'd go. And she's always survived out in the wild blue yonder.

But, lately, she can't seem to leave our sides. We have to peel her off of our laps to get up. She comes inside in the mornings and the first thing she does is go and wake up the kids. Jarrett stubbed his toe the other day and was on the floor crying and (I am NOT making this up) Hayley comes along and rubbed her head on his foot!!! Jarrett stopped crying and looked up at me as if to say: "What the..??"

She wishes to sleep with the kids all night.
During the day, this usually absent creature, is like glue to my side. She follows me into the garage while I do laundry. She follows me down the hall to the bathroom. And (again, I am NOT making this up) she talks to me the whole time.
At first, I thought she needed food or water or something. But, now I think she just wants to talk.

My theory? She misses the dog.
Is that possible?
Do animals miss other animals?
It seems that's what happening here.
The lizards seem to be handling it just fine, though. What a relief!


  1. The cat dialogue made me laugh...and yes, animals do miss other animals.

  2. ::snickering at the street-crossing lessons:::

    I think you're right, she misses the dog.
    Animals do have feelings, they're just not able to speak English (or whatever language their humans use.)

  3. I totally think she misses the dog! It's hard to receive love from geckos and lizards, huh? Please post pics of the new ones when they hatch!

    Give your kitty a hug from me.


  4. As for names for your geckos how about:

    Curly &


  5. Busy household. Very interesting assortment of pets!


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