Monday, July 27, 2009


Today I made my weekly grocery list. Blah.
Hate it! It's so hard to be 1) creative 2)healthy 3) cheap for a family of 6. I get frustrated more every week by it. But, it's my job so I do the best I can.

As I looked over my list, I realized that I could probably take the same list every week and just tweak it. Many of the items on it are "staples".

Some are common: (same staples on every list in America)

Some I am proud of:
apples and bananas
fresh broccoli
cheese sticks (low fat)

And some I am ashamed:
soda (diet and regular)
microwave popcorn (the extra butter kind)
chips (this one really bothers me)

It is weird to go to someone else's house and see what their "staples" are.
What is your weirdest staple?


  1. Had to pop over here b/c I love your commenting name!
    Have to comment b/c I am so with you on the "staples" list.
    Mine would have to include most of the same things yours does. The only reason I could leave microwave popcorn off is b/c I buy it in industrial size!

  2. I don't do the grocery shopping (my wife does).
    But what are considered normal groceries here in Tokyo, might seem unusual to you in America.

    I forgot all about "microwave popcorn". I haven't even seen it for about twenty years.

    But, so common things we always get from the store:
    10kg bag of rice
    loaf of bread (which in Japan is 6-8 slices (of very thick, soft bread))
    1 liter (about 1 qt) of milk
    1 case of beer

    And the usual (for Japan) fish, vegetables, etc


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