Monday, April 12, 2010

Heartfelt Thanks

I've heard that term before but never have experienced it. 

But, after my last post, my heart really felt thankful! 

All the comments meant so much to me. 
Mostly, I was glad that you understood what I was trying to say!  I wasn't wanting to whine or be told to speak up. 
Sometimes, the thoughts that are in my head and what comes out on the screen are different.  But, by the comments left, I felt understood.  And heard. And seen. 

The weather has actually perked up a tad today, so we are off to the playground.  I will be posting some pictures soon. 

I just wanted to use a post to say "Thank you", my dear, sweet, bloggy friends!

1 comment:

  1. I did understand what you were trying to say. Sometimes we Mommas get put on the back burner and people don't realize it. They don't do it on purpose but the busy-ness of life takes over and then we end up stuffing what is inside. I hear ya!


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