Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, I Think I Love You.

I have never been so glad to see Saturday.  This past week was a doozy.

Monday started off fairly normal.  They are usually the hardest day for us.  Trying to recoup from the weekend, the house is trashed and it's time to start school again.
And, all in all, it was a pretty typical Monday.

However, Tuesday and Wednesday were not.
Because my kids are using a charter school's curriculum, at home, they are still subject to the state testing regulations.  Josie, being in 1st grade, didn't have to take the tests but Jayce did.
So, that meant, bright and early Tuesday morning, I had to pack up all 4 children and head downtown.  He had to be there by 8 a.m. Have I ever mentioned I am not a morning person?  I count myself lucky if I'm ready for the day by 9:30.

Anyways, my hubby and I  pulled out of the driveway at the same time. He to go to work, me to take Jayce to his testing site.  However; I got "sidetracked"and pulled over to look for the neighbor girl that suddenly disappeared from the bus stop. Once I called her mother and got that all straightened out, we were back on our way.

Until I got about 1/2 mile up the road to a major traffic jam.  Complete with fire engines and police lights.

I immediately thought of my husband, who was technically only a few minutes ahead of us.  I started quietly crying and praying that we would not see my husband's truck smashed into a million pieces.

After listening to the radio, we found that a power line had fallen across the freeway.  And, the police were directing traffic to an off ramp.  It literally took me one hour to move about 1 mile.
My nerves were shot already but when my fuel light came on in the middle of it, I started to hyperventilate, just a tad.

We finally reach a gas station,when my husband calls and turns out, he thought we were ahead of him and he'd had pretty much the same reaction I did to all the lights and fire trucks.  The panicky " I hope it's not someone I know" feeling upon arriving at the scene of an accident.

We dropped Jayce off at his testing site, dropped Jarrett off at preschool.  Waited 2 hours and picked everyone up again.

Rereading what I wrote above, it doesn't seem that big of a deal. But, when you're running behind, fearing you're going to run out of gas and plug up an already plugged up traffic jam, and your 7 yr. old is crying because "You're stopping too much!!", it makes for a pretty crappy beginning to your day.

And the best part was--we got to do it again the next day!!  Minus the power line across the freeway.

Thursday, my husband was unexpectedly off work.  To most, that might be a pleasant surprise.  But, being the crank that I am, it was not. Having pretty much taken the 2 previous days off of school/housework, I was a little behind and stressed. Having another person, especially a grown man person, under my feet was not fun.

Fridays are always a tad busy. It's the day a friend and I visit a local assisted living residence and hand out birthday cards and make visits.  She has 2 boys that she brings here to my house, we have another friend come over with her 2 boys and stay with all the kids while MJ and I go to Woodside.  That's a grand total of 8 kids at my house.  It's a little stressful getting the house picked up and ready for that kind of "action" but it's worth it.  I have met some wonderful people and have seen how much a simple visit or greeting card can light up a face.  I will have to post about some of those visits soon.

That brings me to today--Saturday.  In where I spent most of the day out of the house, while my kids were at grandmas!
I went to a friends "resale" event and bought a dress for Josie and a jammin' Wiggles dance mat for Jeven's upcoming birthday.
My parents, for Christmas, had bought me a gift certificate to a local craft store.  I got to use some of it today and made two adorable cards:

(the pictures are blurry but, hey, you get the idea)

I used to scrap book a lot but somehow, haven't had the free time for it for the past 11 years lately.
I enjoyed doing a little "artsy fartsy" stuff today and hopefully, I can squeeze some more classes in.

My Saturday is almost over with.  Tomorrow is church day then we're back to Monday.  I am hoping next week is a little less crazy but....I'm not counting on it.

Hope you all are having a restful, uneventful weekend.


  1. Wow! I felt like hyperventilating just reading what you went through. I've had days...even that. It's no fun. Glad you got to relax and have a little fun today! :)

  2. What a week!

    I know what you mean about being scared of the worst... every time I hear sirens within half an hour of someone leaving the house I worry until I hear otherwise.

    Hope your weekend was calm and uneventful!

  3. I know EXACTLY what feeling you're talking about when you were describing how you feel on the drive you "got" to take! It's terrible. What a week. This week HAS to be better! :)

    Love the cards you made too, by the way. So cute!

  4. Absolutely love saturdays. It is a well earned day of family time: them only. And nothing else.

  5. I wwas actually tensing up as I read your post! I would have had the same reaction you did! So so glad it was just a downed power line and that you survived your craptastic day!


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