Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stinky at Seven?

As a went to kiss my darling, baby, girl tonight at bedtime, I caught just a whiff of something...unpleasant. 

I did the sniff test on myself.  And passed. Barely.

Then, I smelled my daughter. Who is seven.

And. She stunk.  A lot. 

This is twice that I've noticed her getting stinky by the end of the day.  She does her own showers now and I've seen her, she does wash. 

But, I'm thinking it may be time to get her some deodorant?  Already?

I was in 4th grade when I started wearing a bra and 5th when my monthly hit.  She will be going into 2nd grade in the fall.  Isn't it a bit early? 
Do I just need to follow-up wash?

Do you think she will kill me if she ever reads this post? 


  1. Well, I wouldn't let her read the post. But yes, it's not that unusual.

    Lyssa has had deodorant since she was six. I bought her deodorant only with none of the anti-p stuff. Some natural stuff.

    There are a few short people I work with whose parents haven't discovered that they are a little stinky by the end of the day, or haven't done anything about it for whatever reason.

    Gets interesting in the afternoons.

    Just buy the deodorant and let her help you pick out one she likes the smell of.

  2. Natalie will be in the 2nd grade in the fall and!

    I'll bet the "natural" deoderant would work great and she'll probably feel all grown up getting to use it, too. (Not that you're going for "all grown up.")

    Good luck! :)


  3. Karey, I remember hearing a rumor, way back when, that C. Hytez (spelled wrong on purpose!) started her cycle in 2nd grade. Was she in your class? THAT scares me!!!

  4. I read that and was like, "I have NO idea who that is! How can that be!?!" LOL, duh. She was a grade below me, but we were best friends through jr. high and high school.Third grade, yes. And scares me too! Natalie has NO IDEA about that stuff (we're preserving her innocence the best we can - for as long as we can) but the whole thing scares me. Sort of makes me glad we only have one girl... although I know what boys are like in jr. high and high school too. I married the guy who broke up with me when I was 12 for not kissing him. Eeks.


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