Friday, July 2, 2010

Finally Fishing

When we were potty training Jeven, his father told him that if he had no accidents, he'd take him fishing.  And it worked!  I think after that bribe, we had maybe 2 accidents.

That was over a year ago. Time has just slipped away.

And do you think Jeven forgot about goin' fishin'?

Not. On. Your. Life.

Every time he went poop, he'd announce "I go poop. I want to go fishing!"

Poor kid. 

But, finally, it happened. The stars aligned. The schedule was cleared. The boat was launched.   As Jeven was getting dressed to go, I caught him doing a little "happy dance". Naked.  To say he was excited would be an understatement.

What makes this fishing trip extra special is that not only did he get to go with his dad, but with his Great Grandpa as well.

How many kids can say that?
All of my kids have been extremely fortunate to have gone fishing at least once with Grandpa.

And, they actually caught fish! 

Judd is wonderful about getting fish on and letting the younger kids reel them in.  On this trip, he managed to get Jeven's line caught. Now, 2 days later, Jeven still talks about how Dad "broke my fishing rod".

I was so happy to see my baby so happy.  Although, I do worry about the little ones being in the boat.  But, with Dad and Grandpa, I know they are in good hands.

And, everyone made it back safe and sound.


  1. There is something really special about a photo of a small one going fishing with a grandparent or great grandparent... tugs at my shriveled up old heartstrings.

    GREAT photos. :) And I know you're already treasuring the picture. I bet Jeven will, too.

    One of my favorite pictures of one of my own kids is with my dad on a fishing trip... maybe that has something to do with it. I think that picture is actually on my blog somewhere... hang on while I go look.. yep, here it is

  2. Such a cute post - that fishing really tired him out!


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