Monday, July 12, 2010

Center of Attention

Coming up this weekend, we are throwing my wonderful Grandmother her 80th birthday party.  We are doing it in the community she has lived for..well..a long time. It's where I graduated from high school (with a huge class of 20) and my parents live until about 7 years ago. 
It's out in the country and not fancy but we're hoping it will still be nice.

I am in charge of the centerpieces.  For 10 card tables covered in red-white gingham table cloths. 

You know when you visualize something in your head but then when you actually put it into action, you second guess yourself?  Especially after you make the mistake and ask your husband what he thinks and then he makes the mistake and tells you?


So,now I'm asking you, blog friends.  Am I crazy?  Do these work? 

A) White with red ribbon

B) Red with white ribbon

C) On the left, we have red and white candies.
D) Mix it up and do some of each
E) "Are you crazy! None of them you idiot!!


  1. I like the red with the white ribbon. But I won't be at the party....

  2. I *wish* you were at the party! That would be fun! Too bad you've just had surgery cuz crashing an 80 yr. old's bday party would be so much fun!

  3. Red with white for sure!

    When we went home a few weeks ago, it was to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday and have a family reunion. But my mom also seems like she's in her 60s. She does not act her age! And if you were to ask her...she'd say, "Red with white without a doubt!"

    Have fun!

  4. Red with white ribbon looks great, stands out more!


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