Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That Snake Better Do His Own Laundry!

Jayce likes to go across the street, to the ditch/creek and collect snakes. He likes to bring them home but he's not allowed to bring them in the house. 
We have lizards and a cat right now.  We've had fish, hamsters, dogs, and various other animals.  But, I draw the line at snakes. And birds. 

But, boys will be boys and part of being a boy is playing with snakes?  So, he's allowed to bring them home, put them in some sort of container and then release them the next day or so.  All this takes place OUTSIDE.

The other night, my husband went to a friend's house and found a large gigantic snake in Wade's back yard.  He, being the ever thoughtful father, brought it home for Jayce. 

Jayce was super excited and would have been perfectly content sticking to our regularly scheduled "snake habitation" plan. But, being the ever thoughtful father, Judd thought we should put it in the empty aquarium in the garage.  Just for a day. Or two. 

Can you see where this is going? 

The next morning, I hear Jayce get up and go out to the garage.  I also hear him say "Daaadddd.  The snake is gone". 

I, being the ever patient and understanding mother, say "What the heck!!  What do you mean the snake is GONE!!  JUDD!!!" 

Judd goes out and sure enough, the snake is gone.  This is the following conversation:  (it was not nearly as calm as it will appear here)
Me:  Find that snake!!
Judd: It probably went out under the garage door.
Judd:  It was only a little garter snake.
Me: I don't care what kind it was, any snake that hides in the garage is a bad snake.
Judd:  Like I said, he probably went out of the garage.
Me:  What makes you think he's not in the house?
Judd:  There's nothing he wants in the house.
Me: How does he KNOW until he gets in the HOUSE!!!? 

That night, I made my husband go out and look for the snake again.  Made him look under the laundry piled up on the floor, in the washer. Basically, anywhere I'd have to be in the garage. 

I was nervous all night. I couldn't sleep with my arm or leg hanging out over the bed, in fear of the vicious snake.  Because we all know how snakes can leap up off the ground and bite your whole leg off.

We have not seen any sign of the snake.  But, as I'm catching up on laundry, I am ever fearful that he will be hiding under a pair of dirty socks. Or in my jeans pocket. 

But, a snake hiding in the garage is as good excuse as any to NOT do laundry, I say!
Not that I've ever need an excuse before but.... this time it's valid.


  1. Oh no! Although, I laughed through the whole thing Our oldest daughter used to love to bring snakes, toads, bugs of all sorts home. We never let her bring the snakes in the house, either, but I never had any problem with the snakes. However, when her friend's pet rat got loose in the garage that was a totally different story! Take comfort in knowing that the snake will eat said friend's rat, should the kids ever accidentally lose one in the garage and you can't find it! ;)

    And you know how those silly snakes are. They don't do laundry. The just throw their old shed skin away. Jerks. Wish we could do that!

  2. So you don't like snakes?


  3. Reminds me of the night I found a snake curled up next to my washer as I folded laundry. My reaction was much like yours, it was late at night, my husband had to be up really early the next day and I insisted he get out of bed and get the snake out of my house or no one would be sleeping that night! A creepy chill goes down my spine every time I walk into the laundry room and this happened three years ago!


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