Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too Old For Vacations?

As my fill-in author  wrote, we went on a little mini-vacation last week. 

I, my kids, my mother and grandmother stayed in a condo-unit at the beach.  Next door, my aunt and uncle and their 5 kids and one grandchild.  My uncle is from Alaska, we don't get to see him and his family enough.  To say this was a treat, would be an understatement.

My husband stayed behind to do his husbandly duty (well. one of.) and work.  I really needed him to be off work on Saturday and he only gets one day off a week, besides Sunday. So, staying behind was the only solution.  He doesn't like the beach anyways biggie.  Although, I did miss him.  And his duties. (*wink wink*)

The beach was quite windy but luckily, the pool was quite warm.  And had just enough room that I could let the little boys put on their life jackets and let them swim pretty much on their own.  Of course, I got in the water with them and who doesn't love putting on a swim suit 50 4 times a day and trekking back and forth to and from the pool? 

We stayed for 2 nights, bringing us home Friday afternoon.  Bringing us home to a clean house (turns out, my husband isn't the slob that messes everything up. Who knew!) and my brother, visiting from Wyoming! 

I spent Friday evening picking on spending quality time with my brother, doing laundry and baking cupcakes. 

Saturday, we had my grandmother's 80th birthday party--hence all the out of town family. 
We set up, enjoyed ourselves and came home about 9ish Saturday night.

Sunday, more time with the brother, church and swimming in Grammie/Papa's pool.

Monday, said goodbye to brother.  Very hard this time. He's going through some tough crap right now.  TANGENT ALERT!!  I find it somewhat ironic,growing up, I picked on him horribly.  But, if someone else did the picking, I wanted to beat their butts.  It's pretty much the same way now. He's not perfect, I know that. He knows that.  But, yet, you mess with him?  I want to beat your butt. 

Also, on Monday, we took a "family" day and went to a fish hatchery about an hour out of town.  For you city folk, a fish hatchery is just like it sounds.  A place where they hatch fish to be released into the wild.  This particular hatchery has a mini-golf course, several habitats with different birds and a museum with a large fish tank and exhibit of animals native to this area.  All for free.  So, we packed a lunch and headed down the road.

Tuesday, we did nothing*. 

Wednesday, nothing.

Which brings us to Thursday.  Where we have done nothing.

Is it crazy that I am still recovering from my "wild weekend"?  Isn't it a tad pathetic? 

I remember, not so many years ago, staying up until 2-3 in the morning, getting up 3 hours later, going to class, going to work and then out again at night.  Rinse and repeat all week long.
Now, a relaxing couple days at the beach, an old lady's birthday party and hanging out with family wipes me out! 

I hate to think that I'm too old to do vacations. I think, actually, that it is that I don't get enough of them and my body goes into shock.  Therefore, the fatigue that I'm feeling is actually my body saying "What the heck was THAT?  Fun?  I don't know how to handle that!  I'm shutting down now!". 

So, I must train my body to take a vacation every once in awhile.  Hawaii anyone?  I could kill two birds with one stone on that trip.  Some of you know what I'm talking about here (it goes with the beating butts that are picking on my brother).

*As a mom, the term "nothing" really doesn't mean NOTHING, does it?  I did feed the children and attempt to keep up with the house.  We did go to the playground.  We did STUFF, just nothing significant. 


  1. The older I get the more I need a vacation from my vacation, for sure!

    Glad you had fun! :)

  2. I must admit that I completely agree with you on the vacations being so. much. work! Wait, did I say vacations? I meant weekends... I often feel like I need a weekend to recover from the weekend. When did we get so old? ;)

    Sounds like you had fun, though! And don't you love coming home (when the hubster's been home) to find it amazingly clean. Now *that's* hot!


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