Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hair Be Gone

Josie has had long hair since,well, since she's had hair.  She hasn't had hair cuts other than trims.

With the hot weather, all the swimming and an unexplainable rash that seemed to be caused by wet hair hanging over her shoulders, I finally convinced her dad to let me get it cut.

Josie really wanted to donate to Locks of Love but you need to have a minimum of 10 inches.

So, she went from hair down to her bottom to this:

I think it looks really cute!

Older but cute.  In a surprising twist of events, I cried as the lady cut it.  I was remembering when she was a bald baby and those first locks of hair started coming in.  When she had *just* enough to put a tiny bow on her head.

Now, she's growing up and making decisions on her own, about her hair and other things as well.

I'm so proud.


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