Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back To School

Technically,we've been "back to school" for over a week now but today was the first day everyone was where they were suppose to be.

Jeven is going to preschool 2 mornings a week.

Jarrett is going to kindergarten 5 days a week (well, almost.  The amount of days off for the public school system is unbelievable!)

That leaves Josie and Jayce home with me! 

I am really hoping having the mornings to ourselves will help with the home schooling. My biggest challenge last year was finding things for the little boys to do. That didn't involve a t.v. and dvd player. 

My visions of everyone sitting at the table doing school together quickly went out the window.  It only takes approximately 3.4 seconds for a preschooler to color a purple triangle.  Leaving me no time to help Jayce with his prepositions.

So, again, my fingers are crossed for a little "smoother" ride this year. 

I was a little surprised at how emotional I was, those first days of school . Jarrett's first day at kindergarten. Jeven's first day today.

These are my babies!  I've always had a kid "in reserve". But, I look behind me and there's no more babies waiting to grow up.  No more babies waiting for their special "school" day. 

And, having the school secretary tell me that "Jarrett was so cute today when he was crying because he couldn't find his class!" didn't help things.  Why on earth would you think telling a mother that her child had a horribly traumatic experience without her to help him would be a good thing?  

As we say goodbye to summer and start new schedules and routines, I try to slow things down and just savor the good times.   I just wish Father Time would cooperate with me.

Jeven ready to play with the play-doh! (Get the heck outta here Mom!) 

Jarrett ready "to go already!!" (why is it takes a picture to realize how dirty your walls/doors are??)

Josie--grade 2!

Jayce--grade 6. (and oh, so thrilled to get his picture taken!)


  1. Having a reserve baby isn't the same as a spare, right?

    Happy first day of everything!!


  2. What adorable pictures of each of the kids! And you're right...the woman had no right to tell you that about him crying. That's rotten. :( He definitely looked happy in the picture, though!! :)


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