Friday, September 24, 2010

Never Boring

Some of you have been around the Boring Stay at Homer house for a bit and recognize the irony in my screen name. 

Truly, it's never boring around here.

Homeschooling is going much better this year.  Partly because Jayce and Josie know what to expect  and partly (hugely) because 2 of the heathens boys are gone part of the time. 

However, there's still the "I don't wanna do it!" attitude the comes up with a certain "student". I won't use a name but here's a clue:

To be fair, both Jayce and Josie sometimes give me attitude about doing school. It's just that Josie is louder about it.  If you're new here, go read THIS to perhaps get a better understanding of what I'm talking about.

Yesterday was not a good day for Josie. 
To say she woke up on the wrong side of the bed would be an understatement.

But, I had her doing some school and I was a good candidate for Mother of the Year with all my patience when, (JAWS music here) she got. an. answer. wrong.  It all hit the proverbial fan from there. 
There was no getting her back and my award was quickly being handed off to Angelina Jolie.

So,to her room she went. 

Now, Jayce was free to do his Literature exam on the computer. 
What Jayce is trying extra hard this year to do, is pat himself on the back.  When he gets any answer correct, he likes to celebrate.  Usually by yelling out "I'm a natural genius!!".  First, your mother telling you where to find the answer and how to spell it, does not make you a natural genius.  But, he's doing school and trying to make the best of it. Who am I to burst his bubble?

This particular exam was multiple choice and it gives you a nice "DING" when you are correct. 

Jayce, feeling extra intelligent, decided the "DING" from the computer wasn't enough.  He felt a loud "BA-DING" from him would just be better. 

Remember, I still have Josie wailing in her room over the un-capitalized "F" in Uncle frank.

Here is the rundown:

Josie:  Cry, cry, scream, wail, sob
Jayce: BA-DING!!
Josie:  Jayce!! I hate you!! Stop!!
Jayce:  BA-DING!!
Josie:  JAYCE!! cry, cry, sob, wail
Jayce: BA-DA-DING!!! 
At this point, I'm trying to tell Jayce two things:
"Good job!!" and "Quit tormenting your sister" but I was laughing too hard to be coherent. 

Today is a new day. Josie has long stopped her fit (at least that particular one) but at lunch, Jayce decided to test the waters and gave a random "BA-DING". 

Let me just say, it was not well received. 


  1. :)

    Don't tell your daughter, because I don't want her to get mad, but I was giggling too.


  2. Kids can be so funny at the same time as being exasperating, can't they? :)


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