Monday, October 4, 2010

I Am a Single Mom

At least this week. 

My hubby left last Thursday (that's 5 days ago, if you're counting) and will be gone quite possibly until Sunday (that's 5 more days, you math nerds). 
I'm no genius, but that seems like an awful lot of days with no back up around here. 

Honestly, I'm used to doing this parenting thing pretty much on my own.  For the most part.  The day to day stuff.
My husband works full time doing a very physical ( and anytime you work with the public, it's mental too )job.  His days off vary, the hours he gets home varies. 

Lately, he's been so over worked and over stressed, even when he's home, he's not "engaged" in the family.  By the time he's unwound, the kids are in bed.

I am really hoping his time away will help him "unstress" and come home ready to be part of the gang again. 

I miss him.


  1. I completely understand. It's never "easy" when they're gone if only because you know they're not available when/if you might need them (no matter if you actually do or not) just knowing they aren't there makes it harder (physically AND emotionally!). I always have to put my "game face" on when Jeff's out of town (for work or hunting or whatever) and power through, but man it's tiring!

    I pray that he gets "de-stressed" as well - I've prayed that prayer for mine many-a-times (Jeff has a stressful, majorly time consuming job as well) and there's nothing worse than having your husband home only to realize that they aren't *really* "home." (Okay, maybe there are worse things, but you get what I'm saying).

    Anyway, I'll let that be all for now as I can see that my comment is getting close to being longer than your post... ;)

    HOME STRETCH, girl - power through! :)

  2. I understand! Me too! Even when he's here.


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