Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Name Game

We are very original here, at the Boring homestead. 

All of our first names begin with "J".  All of our middle names begin with "L".  In fact, 5 out of the 6 of us have the SAME middle name. Yes, my husband and I have the same middle name.  Josie is the odd ball ( in oh so many ways).  Her middle name is Lynn, vs. the Lee that we all have.  I liked Josie Lynn better than I liked Josie Lee and back then, I didn't know she would be my only girl.  Some of the grandmothers have the middle name of Lynn as well so it's not a complete shut out.

And, of course, all of our last names begin with "J". 

I know. Corny much? 

None of the names are that complicated. But,there have been a few instances of mispronunciation and spelling.

Jayce:  (rhymes with Ace) Sometimes misspelled Jace.  Or mispronounced Jay-cee.  But, understandable.

Josie: Not much confusion here.

Jarrett:  Hardly ever mispronounced but often misspelled.  Again, understandable.

Jeven:  Now, this one gets interesting.  Not a name you hear often.  And, usually not within a Caucasian family. Just sayin'.  We knew when we named him , that we would be repeating ourselves.  "Kevin?" "No, Jeven." "Devin?"  "Nope, Jeven". 

When I was pregnant with Jeven, we argued on how we were going to spell it for a long time.  I wanted J-e-v-i-n.  At the time, my husband was working with a Kevin that he really didn't care for.  So, he wanted J-e-v-e-n.  As you can see, he won.  But, that's ok.  Looks right. 

Again, his name does get misspelled.  Understandable.  I'm fine with it.  Really. 

But this?  This is a little ridiculous, don't ya think? 


  1. Hahahahaha! Poor guy! There was ALWAYS confusion with my name growing up (in college, I got called "Karen" and "Car-ee" all.the.time.) because of my weird spelling so I went 100% traditional with my kids' names and spellings. The spelling of my name might be pretty different (the only person I've ever met with the same spelling was a guy volleyball referee when I was in High School, lol) but I've never had confusion like little Jeven at Build A Bear! LOL (laughing in love of course) :)

  2. Wow. Did they fix it?
    Jevannie? Really?


    I think if I did not know how to spell it, I'd probably ask. But then of course the people who work at Build a Bear aren't rocket scientists, I suppose.

    Not that I am a rocket scientist either.

  3. Oh dear, they really screwed that up.

    I found your post really interesting because we are trying to figure out a name for #3 and my husband said we need an "m" name. I asked him why and he said "l,m,n" Lucas, "m", Natalie. I just had to laugh ;)

  4. Now, that's a little ridiculous and major screw-up. We have one, too that we spelled differently than the average spelling of his name. It's always misspelled. **kicks self in butt** LOL


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