Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Baby Ain't No Baby--Jeven's Birthday Interview

He's a whole hand old now. The big 5.

Jeven is an energetic, funny, energetic, sweet, energetic little boy. Did I mention he has a ton of energy?  Yep. Well, he does.

One may have to meet Jeven in person to truly appreciate the Jeven-ness.  But, here's a small glimpse of him.

Me:  You are 5 now!  Can you believe it?

Jeven:  Yeah. Now I'm gooder.

Me:  What was your favorite present this year?

Jeven:  My "pop" gun! 

Me:  Anything else?

Jeven:  My marshmallows.  I LOVE marshmallows!!

Me:  Are they your favorite food?

Jeven:  YEAH!!!  (said with tons of enthusiasm)

Me:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jeven:  A farmer.  A horse one.

Me:  But, I thought you were gonna live with mom and dad forever?

Jeven:  You can live with me, at the farm!

Me:  Are you glad you have a sister and 2 brothers?

Jeven:  I'm not glad about the sister but I am glad about the brothers.

Me:  Why?

Jeven:  Because she always fights with me.

Then, he lost interest and left the room. Things to do. Food to eat. If you ask me, Jeven's favorite thing to do is eat. He eats constantly. After breakfast, he will tell me he's "hungry 10 times" which is hungrier than 5 times but not as much as 12 times.
He out weighs his older brother by a good 6 pounds.  But, he hardly ever puts it to good use. Meaning, Jeven is the one that gets picked on. If I was a betting person, I would bet that in a few years, he won't be so easy to pick on.

I love my silly, cheesy, sweet and even energetic little boy.


  1. Happy Birthday to him!!
    Love the interview. Especially the sister part. ::snort::

  2. Happy Birthday Jeven!! Love the interview.. My 5 year old would say the same thing about his sister.


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