Friday, May 20, 2011

There's All Kinds

My husband is a man (go figure) and like all men, he enjoys beautiful things. Sometimes, that means beautiful women. But, even I would much rather watch a movie or t.v. show with pretty people on it vs. ugly people.

I've never had to worry about my husband being inappropriate, though. With movies or stuff online. Or even with his manner of speech. We have a young daughter after all.  I think that tends to change how you view women.  And, we've always believed that your eyes are attached to your brain which is attached to your heart. If you're looking at things that you shouldn't look at, your brain is going to think things it shouldn't think and so on....

So, like I said, I've never had much reason to worry.

Until the other night.

My husband was laying in bed, reading a magazine. I was reading my latest Stephanie Plum novel War and Peace.  Everything was peaceful and "normal". ( I always use that term loosely)
Occasionally, I would hear my husband utter "Wow. That's awesome!" or "What a beauty!" and even " I wish I could get me some of that!"
 Then I noticed he was turning his magazine vertical instead of horizontal.

You know, like one would if he was looking at a CENTERFOLD!!!

I glanced over and rolled my eyes.

Not because I'm a cool wife and have no problem with my husband looking at a naked woman that isn't his wife ( although, these days, I would rather he didn't see me naked either.) but because I know my husband. I know what gets him excited.

Would you like to see what gets my husband worked up?

Personally, I think she's had work done.....

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  1. "Personally, I think she's had work done" Bwahahahahaha! That's awesome.

    My husband's would be a centerfold of a huge rack.

    (An elk rack, geez!) :)


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