Friday, November 4, 2011


Since I haven't posted in over a month, I felt the need to log on quickly just to post "I'm still alive". 

And, I am. Some days, more than others. 

October quickly moved aside for November and my head is still spinning at how fast it went by.  We are entering (some have jumped feet first into it!) the Holidays.  And, some of it I'm looking forward to and of course, some of it is already stressing me out.

I have many, many post brewing in my mind. But, finding less and less time to put them on here. And yet, I feel a very strong need to put them here.  So, soon, I will make it a priority and start posting again.

But, for now, I'm putting my energies in to other things.  Some mundane. Some life changing. 

All is good!


  1. Good to see all is well. I always get nervous when people drop off. I hear ya on the holidays. This year I am excited for some, others I just don't have it in me for.


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