Thursday, November 17, 2011

Truth is Thursday

Truth is....we haven't done school in two days. I just didn't have the gumption. And, the kids haven't minded. Today, we're back at it. 

Truth is...I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. But, Christmas is stressing me out already.

Truth is...I don't want to be stressed out about Christmas. I want to enjoy it and make happy memories for my kids.

Truth is...we can't afford much right now, let alone Christmas presents.

Truth is...I don't want presents to be the focus of Christmas. And, it always works out.

Truth is...I've been doing some "light" exercising every day and I can notice a difference in my energy level! 

Truth is..I still have really bad eating habits.

Truth step at a time, right?

Truth is... I've learned that another friend has been re-diagnosed with cancer.

Truth is..cancer can suck it.

Truth is...I've been feeling like my kids are being extra needy and crabby.

Truth's probably ME that's extra needy and crabby.

Truth is...we have a date night planned for Friday and it couldn't come at a better time!

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  1. Enjoy your date night!

    Most people I know are cutting WAY back for Christmas. Times are tough. Luckily there's a lot of fun stuff that is inexpensive, like baking cookies and driving around looking at the (tacky) light displays!

  2. Have Fun on your date night! ( we could use one of those)

    I am here from Julianna's Truth Is Link-Up.

    exercising just makes me more tired. So does Coffee. I think I am just destined to go through life half-asleep.

  3. Truth is... Cancer sucks donkey dingle.

    There I said it. It does.

    I have every little gumption for anything lately, and the rain isn't helping.

    Thank You so much for playing! At some point I'll get the button fixed and then you can just cut and paste the code. :)


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