Thursday, April 2, 2009


I don't have many vices. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't have many things that give me a "rush".

But, I have discovered online shopping.

Actually, I've been selling things on craigslist/ebay for some time so "discovered" isn't the right word.

I guess I've just realized how addicting online shopping can be.

I recently had a birthday and received some money and gift cards. Since several sites were advertising free shipping and great sales, I decided to spend my loot online.

We also ordered Judd a cell phone on our providers website.

And, the camera I have been saving for was only available online.

In the last week, we've received 3 packages in the mail. Or as an even bigger rush, had them delivered through a delivery man/woman!

Then we both fight over who gets to open the package. Which, seriously? My husband wanting to open a package that has my new capri pants? He was really jonesing.

Now, we're just awaiting the delivery of his phone and my camera.

The good news? He's at work the rest of the week.

The packages are mine! All mine.

The bad news? I am not too ashamed to let my children see me open my packages. They are being exposed to my addiction.

Do they have online shopaholics anonymous?

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  1. LOL--I LOVE on-line shopping. Most of my on-line shopping lately is ordering books and cirricula for my homeschooling to start again next year. Call me weird, but I LOVE it! Seriously, schoolwork? I must be demented! :]


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