Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ding Dong

My husband's work schedule varies month to month. One month he'll start work at 7:30, another month it will be 8:00 and another 9:00. Those early morning months are hard because our house is so small, he always manages to wake up the kids getting ready.

I think he does it on purpose. Or at least subconsciously. Stomps his feet. Slams cupboard doors. Yells out "where's my boots?". At least it seems like he's stomping, slamming and yelling. Because I desperately want the kids to stay asleep past sunrise. I am just not ready for them that early. And I think my husband, subconsciously, is jealous that I get to have a half hour or so of quiet while he has to go to work.

This morning, Saturday, I managed to help my husband get out of the house and all 4 children were still asleep. Oh, I was SO excited. I could go back to bed, or read, or anything at all without my "helpers".

As we kiss goodbye at the door, Ozzie and Harriet style, the dog decides she needs to go out. As I step back to let her out I lose my balance. How do I regain my balance?

By reaching out my hand to brace myself against the house. But not only do I put my hand on the house but more specifically, the door bell.

"Ding Dong".

Oh crap.

I look at my husband who has this silly little smile and twinkle in his eyes.

Subconscious or not, he was just a little thrilled that I was the one to wake the kids. And, I was the one that would have to go back inside and explain that no one was here, it was just mom being a ding dong.

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  1. I remember those days. Now the kids sleep through just about anything.
    Thanks for your comment about your neighbors. it's sad but I'm old enough to be their moms so it's an awkward friendship but they were so much fun to hang with and they were cool.
    Life goes on.....
    Sorry that your neighbors have lost touch with you too....



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