Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

Here is what we did this last weekend. Ready? Try and keep up.

8:15-Arrive at gym for Jayce's first basketball game of the weekend. Doors locked. Boys "warmed up" outside in the rain.
9:00-Game starts. We win!!
10:30-Watch nephew win his basketball game.
11:30-Attempt to walk through the home show. Very crowded and kids very bored.
1:00-Take Jayce to his friends house for bday party.
1:15-2:00-Yell at small children to lay down and go to sleep. They finally did.
2:30-Bday party at pizza parlor for friend from church
4:15-Pick up Jayce from his friends house.
6:00-Drop off children at babysitter's house.
6:30-10:30-Dinner at husband's boss' house. Found out how much husband lost on retirement.
11:00-Pick up children
12:15-Finally go to sleep.

10:00-Sunday school
12:30-Basketball pizza party.
2:00-3:30-Naps! Didn't take children nearly as long to fall asleep this time.
4:00-Arrive at gym for Jayce's basketball game. The game for the championship. Find that other game went into over time so everyone is running about an hour behind schedule.
4:00-5:00-Sit in van with children, killing time until our turn to use the gym.
5:15-6:30-Cheer Jayce's basketball team on. They lose by 2 points!
6:35-6:45-Try to cheer up nine 10yr olds. 2nd place is still awesome!! Take team picture.
7:15-8:00-Feed children pizza for dinner. Not like we don't have a gazillion pieces left over.
8:30-Drag (literally) children to bed. They try to convince me they are NOT tired.
8:32-All 4 children sound asleep.

Now I am awaiting my husbands return. He left to go help a friend tear up their bathroom/kitchen floor.

Some families do these kind of weekends every weekend. We are not cut out for it. I am exhausted. My nerves are shot because of the close call on the basketball game. The kids are exhausted. They feel like they didn't get any "play" time. I guess the running around at pizza parlors doesn't count?

We are done with basketball. Jayce says he does not want to do baseball. Which is fine with me. I am all for it if he wants to play but if his heart isn't in it, I am not going to kill myself getting him to practices and games.

Josie starts soccer in two weeks.
Lord help me.

This is Jayce's basketball team. About 1/2
had never played before. The other 1/2 have only
played one year. Some of them are holding up the
"we're number 1" finger even though they came
in second. Our coaches were so awesome, they had
these boys feeling so proud of themselves that they
considered their team "Number 1".
Jayce is number 25, in the front.

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