Friday, March 6, 2009

What Comes Naturally?

Being down and out for about 4 days now, my house looks pretty out of shape. That's why it's extremely important that I blog. Right now.

My hubby was off today and did spend some time taking care of the kiddos while I rested. Or attempted to rest.
To his credit, he did try. He took Jarrett out on an errand. Then, he took Josie and Jarrett on a last minute run to help my dad with something. Leaving me with a feverish Jeven.

But, when everyone was home and I laid in bed ignoring what was going on outside our bedroom walls resting, and being interrupted by various questions, "where are the paper towels?" "where are the wipes?" "what do I use to clean up juice?", I began to get frustrated with my husband's inept way of handling the household.
Why can't he do it all? By himself? Like I do every day, in sickness and in health.
It's the same story everytime.

Then it occurred to me. It only comes naturally to me (and I think most mothers) to put our children's need before my own. Some days, I don't eat lunch until 2 p.m. when the kids are taking their naps. Or I don't get a shower until nap time. Or I don't get that new purse because Jayce needs basketball shoes. Or I don't have lunch with my girlfriends because Josie has a soccer game. It's not something that I am bitter or upset about, it's just the way it is.

But, to my husband, it doesn't come naturally. He doesn't think to feed the children unless a) they ask for food (and thank goodness they can talk!) or b) he is fixing himself something and they start picking off his plate.
He doesn't understand why the kids don't want to watch Man Vs. Wild. (then again, why would anyone want to watch that?)

Now, would he throw himself in front of a speeding train to save his children? Absofreakinlutely. If it was a choice between his children receiving life saving blood or himself, he'd choose his children. I have never questioned his ability to be a wonderful father.

It just doesn't come naturally to be a wonderful mother for him.

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