Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rip Off

Jayce has been sick since Friday night with fever and headache and sore throat. The sore throat is so bad that he has been unable to sleep.

There is so much sickness going around, at church and at school, right now that I didn't think it was anything too serious.

But, he's gotten me up the last 2 nights in tears because he throat hurts so bad. I finally took a look and indeed, it was inflamed and white gunk all over it.

Now, you may be wondering why I haven't taken him to the doctor at this point.
Well, in short--because we can't afford it.

We have insurance but our deductible not only started over in January but it was raised this year as well. And, I literally sent our last payment on last years medical bills in last week. As of this morning, we had zero balance on all our medical accounts! This is a first in 6 years!

And, having been a parent for 10 years, I know that too many times, you pack up the sick child, sit in the waiting room (where, if you weren't sick before, you'll surely get sick there!) and finally see the doctor to be told it's a virus and there's nothing they can do.

I always feel like asking for a refund.
"Excuse me. My child was not actually sick. Can I get a refund on my copay? And any charges you will be sending to my insurance?"

This is why I hadn't taken Jayce to the doctor.

But, after seeing his throat this morning, I called and they got us right in. They did indeed think it was strep or maybe even mono. They did a rapid test and it was....(drum roll please)...


Meaning, he does not have strep throat.

The nurse did say that he could still have mono but he is not acting sick or tired or anything so unless his fever returns, there is nothing more than can do at this point.

I said all the appropriate mother things: Oh,thank goodness! I will watch him for any signs of illness. I am so glad he doesn't have strep.

But, I am thinking inappropriate non-motherly things: Can't you at least give him some sort of shot? I paid big bucks for him to see you! We don't even get to keep the giant Q-tip thingy you shoved down his throat? What a rip off!

Yeah. No "Mother of the Year" award for me.

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  1. Jackie: Is he better now or getting better? It may not have been strep, but could have been tonsillitis or a throat infection that doesn't read strep-positive. Praying for him and your family.


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