Friday, September 4, 2009


I am blogging tonight from the confines of my bedroom. Me and my four kids have been banished to the "master suite". Which isn't very sweet. No matter how you spell it.

I've posted before about my relationship with my husband's grandparents here.

My husband has been wanting to watch the movie Gran Torino for some time. He invited Grandma and Grandpa over to see the movie as well.

So, here I sit in our room because:

1) the movie has to be turned up REALLY loud because Grandpa can't hear.
2) it has a lot of curse words that my kids don't need to hear. They heard enough this week from their mother during the first week of home schooling.
3) to let my kids loose would not allow anyone to watch the movie for they would be in their faces. Asking for gum.

We are watching a recorded episode of Wipeout. Normally our one family show we all watch. But being confined to a small room, they are finding it lacking.

We've had popcorn. We've had juice. We've jumped on the bed. But, they keep wanting to go out into the living room. Not because they want to see the movie. Or their dad. Or their grandparents. But, because they think it's hilarious that Grandma keeps falling asleep.

What I find hilarious is that I did catch something that Grandpa said as Judd was putting in the movie. "Is this a western?"

Evidently, Grandpa isn't aware that Clint Eastwood does other movies besides westerns.

I think I'm going to have to make my husband pay me drastically for this, eh?


  1. I think he should take you to the chick flick of your choice and the grandparents can watch your kids... Sound good to you?

    Or, tell him he owes you big time and you need to spend an entire day at your nearest spa!

    Happy weekend and hugs!!

  2. Oh my! I hear near insanity in this post! LOL Hang in there! Home schooling will get easier. Give it time.

  3. I did get your email. Sent you a reply.

    Do you suppose I ended up in your spam folder?


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