Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Third's First

Today was Jarrett's very first day of preschool! Even though it's MY third time having a first day of preschool (only one more to go!) it is still exciting.
And in typical Stayathomer kid fashion, Jarrett waved goodbye and was off to play with playdough and make new friends.
I have been lucky in that my kids are not shy. They are not afraid of new situations. Those parents that have to peel their child off so they can leave? Yeah, so not me.
(Or more annoying? Those parents that make a huge deal about leaving so that their kids WILL cry. Quit trying to make yourself feel better by making your kid cry.)

Anyways, Jarrett will be at the school for a couple hours Tues. and Thurs. And I will miss him but he will be having a blast.

When I came to pick him up today, I asked if he had fun and he said: "I want to sit in the shade."

I told him we'd get in the truck and turn on the a/c so he could get cooled off.

He started to cry and the teacher explained that when recess was over, he wanted to sit under the slide, in the shade. But, it was time to go in. He was not happy.

He cried all the way home about wanting to sit in the shade.

Josie, having just been to this same preschool 2 years ago, was able to ask him questions and distract him. She asked about certain toys and certain rules. Before we made it home, Jarrett was happy and can't wait to go back on Thurs.

I suggested maybe he sit in the shade BEFORE recess was over.

Outside the school.

There he goes!! Wait for mom!!

"Leave so I can play with this grape smelling playdough!"

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  1. What cute pictures! Josh will be starting preschool next year and I'm a little nervous. He's definitely one of those "have to peel off mom" kids to get him to do anything. I anticipate big tears. Sigh...

    Your little one looks like he did great though! That's awesome!


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