Friday, September 25, 2009

He's a Frugal Shopper, What Can I Say?

There was a commotion in our house tonight. Not unlike any other night.
This one was between Jarrett and Jeven. And it took place at the garbage can.
Jeven was attempting to throw something in the trash and Jarrett was not impressed with his brother's housekeeping skills.

"NO!! Jeven, that's mine!!"

"Jarrett, I throw it away."

"NO! It's mine! It's my paper!"

"I throw it away!"


This last statement said so loud and high pitched that I think only our neighbor's dog truly heard it.
I decided it was time to interfere. (I'd like to say that I'm such an awesome parent that I let my kids handle their own disputes. It teaches them confrontation skills and listening techniques and so on but truly? I just didn't want to get my lazy bum off the couch!)

"What's going on? Jeven? What do you have? Let me see"

I unfold...drum roll please....

Pizza Hut coupons. A whole page.

Coupons. That is what had my 4 year old son in such a tizzy. And I say tizzy because I think it fits well here.

When asked why he was holding these coupons so dear, he said he likes to look at the pictures of pizza. And next time we go to the pizza place, he has money to buy the pizza. And sure enough, he opened his hand and he did have money! Two whole quarters!

I love being these kids' mom! Makes getting off the couch totally worth it.


  1. that's so cute... gonna take him out for pizza soon?

  2. That is adorable! My Youngest always thinks she has enough money to buy pizza too and she has a bunch of change. Lots and lots of pizza pennies!



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