Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where Are My Followers?

Has anyone had their followers disappear?

I worked hard for my measly amount of followers and now they are gone!

They don't show up on my dashboard or on my blog page.

Come back,come back wherever you are!!


  1. I'm one of your followers although I don't think I've ever said hello to you. I also just checked mine and I don't have any followers either. I only had ten and now they are gone... I'm sure they will be back just as yours will.

  2. HI and Im still here.. Im on of your followers as well... =) I love to come and read.. but have a bad habit of not posting... =)

  3. Blogger will f#ck with you every chance they get. We're still here. All of the blogs I was following disappeared once. I WAS LIVID! I hope Blogger wasn't testing me because I'm sure I failed once I blogged about it.

    No worries, dear. We're/I'm not going anywhere!



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