Monday, November 5, 2012


Today was a beautiful, unusually warm fall day. 79 degrees in November but snow on the first day of Spring? Definitely Oregon.

I devised a plan to get :
  • everyone out of the house
  • make everyone tired so as they would sleep tonight
  • get some cute pictures taken, possibly for Christmas cards
We went to Dorris Ranch, which (in case you don't want to bother clicking through) is a filbert orchard that is open to the public and has plenty of hiking trails and lots of nature and ...well, stuff.

I, of course, envisioned a perfect family outing where at the end, all would chorus "We are such a happy family" and we would have a perfectly coordinated Christmas card all ready to go.

And, of course, I knew better. I really, really did.

Scratch the perfectly coordinated Christmas card attire. It was all we could do to find coats, shoes and other appropriate attire, let alone anything "matchy matchy". 

Scratch the adorable family photo as nobody wanted their pictures taken and the stupid dog's "pinky" comes out every time the camera is pointed at him. (so cannot wait for him to be neutered).

And certainly scratch the joyous outbursts, they don't exist, at least in my family. You're more likely to hear "How much further do we HAVE to do this for??" ringing through the forest than pleasantries.

However, it was something different and everyone is certainly tired and add the outing with the time change and we have a quiet house.

Here are some pictures I did manage to take. Spring is my favorite season, but Fall sure puts up a good fight.

It seriously took 4 hours to load these pictures?!? So, technically,I missed posting "yesterday" but I'm counting this post as Sunday's. I'm the boss.

**THEN I thought I hit "publish" but I didn't??  So, pretty, pretty please give me credit for thinking I posted Sunday.  Credit means everything to me. A Gold Star would be even better. **

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  1. Yay! It made it! :)

    I love those pictures. And Spring? Psh! (Totally rides in the backseat compared to Fall!)

    Glad you guys (sort of) had fun! ;) (I can TOTALLY relate!)


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