Thursday, November 8, 2012

Posting in Pain

I tweaked my back. Tweaked not being a medical term but it's pretty universal. 

It seemed okay until I went to work. And lifted and pulled and stretched. And went up and down three flights of stairs a dozen times.

So, tonight, I will be sleeping with my new best friend, who happens to be pretty hot--Mr. Heating Pad. 
I feel old.

This post will be short and sorta random. 

I'm thinking I will be needing to have "THE TALK" with my daughter. And soon. She will be 10 in December. I started getting visits from Aunt Flo at her age. And, she just seems....extra...unpredictable. She is still very innocent, which is totally fine for us. One reason we home school her. But, I would hate for her to get a surprise visit from Auntie. She would freak.
I'm the "talker" in our house. I'm the one that talked to Jayce. I'm very straight forward and to the point.
It will be interesting to see what kinds of questions Josie comes up with. ( :

I went to the boys' teacher conferences today. Both teachers had wonderful things to say about the boys. And, I'd like to take this moment to add, even though we home school two of our children, we don't think public school is "bad". We have been very blessed with great teachers. Both of the teachers I met with today, were not strangers to me.  No matter where your kids go to school, it is very important to be part of it.  These teachers KNOW me because I'm involved.  They both made some comments that demonstrated they know my boys VERY well.  Which is awesome.

That's all I have for today.  Maybe something more interesting will happen tomorrow?

Oh , who am I kidding? Interesting stuff is always happening around here!


  1. Ugh. THE talk. I had it (briefly) with Natalie a couple of months ago (she'll be 10 the end of this month) because I had heard Dr. Dobson (I think) say that if you don't tell them by 10, they're going to hear it from someone else (most likely kids at school) before they hear it from you and it scared the crap out of me. So I bit the bullet and did it. And...UGH. ;) Since I told her that she was welcome to talk to me and ask me questions any time (but NOT discuss it with her little brothers) I'm almost afraid of being alone with her because that girl? She's got QUESTIONS.

    I hope your back is feeling better soon! What a pain (and not just the physical kind)!

    And last but not least: I'm LOVING this blog/day thing! :)

    1. Josie will have tons of questions and she will obsess. She will be thinking about it constantly and every time her body does something "strange" she will wonder if "it's" happening. I know all this but nonetheless, the talk must be done. And, you're right, if I don't tell her, who will? That's a scary thought.

      Blogging every day is HARD!! ( :


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