Saturday, November 3, 2012

So Much Comfort, I Actually Relaxed!

That title pretty much sums it up! 

The slumber party was at my friend's in-laws house, out in the country. The house was beautiful!  Not just a nice house, but a beautiful, homey house that was better than any hotel I've ever stayed in. 

We ate pizza, laughed, played card games, laughed, ate a Ding-Dong cake and laughed some more.  I re-bonded with my friends that I love so much. 

And....I slept for 9 hrs. straight.  The awkwardness of having to share a bed with someone  that wasn't my husband wasn't even an issue as there were enough bedrooms for us all to have our own.  I was the 2nd one to go to bed but I was okay with that. I woke this morning, with no alarm, no children needing anything, I just...woke up! The house was still quiet as the other ladies went to bed much later that I. I went for a walk down to see the cows and chickens, the dog (the owner's) walked with me and even their cat tagged along. It was a perfect, peaceful morning. 

The only thing I regret is not taking pictures. The land was gorgeous, the house perfect and it would've been nice to take pictures of us "girls". 

It was the absolutely perfect thing for me to do, to push myself to get out of my comfort zone and jump in to somehting out of the ordinary.

And, Juli, you are definitely invited next year. ( :


  1. Slumber party? That sounds so fun! Glad you got to relax.

  2. Thanks bunches. :) I could have used a sleep over last night... I was up at the crack of dawn... went running at 630 am.


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